Even the most seasoned email pros have trouble getting into corporate inboxes. Why? Because business email filters are substantively different from consumer filters. And with these differences comes a whole different set of deliverability rules and best practices.

In this guide, written by Deliverability Expert and Owner of Word to the Wise, Laura Atkins, you’ll learn:

  • The differences between business and consumer inboxes
  • What does and does not affect how filters act on B2B email
  • Metrics and tools to use when monitoring business delivery
  • Actionable strategies to improve business delivery

Laura shares a comprehensive analysis of sending to consumers versus business recipients. This breakdown sets the groundwork for countless practical recommendations to help B2B senders dominate the corporate inbox. Laura’s thoughtful and in-depth approach to B2B email deliverability makes this guide the perfect resource for experienced email pros, as well as rookies just learning the ropes of B2B sending.

This guide is also a great companion piece to our on-demand free course taught by Laura on the same topic. If you’d like to delve into the details of B2B email deliverability in a classroom setting, be sure to watch Send it School: Overcoming the Challenges of B2B Email Deliverability.

About Laura: 

Laura has over fifteen years of experience in helping companies mitigate and manage mailing risks, respond to spam complaints, and interact more effectively with ISPs. She works with clients to define email-related goals and to identify and implement policy and procedural changes that further those goals.