As an email professional, you’ve most likely encountered spam traps in your sends. Spam traps are common issues that can deeply impact your deliverability. But what exactly is a spam trap? And why did you hit it? Most of us don’t know how, when, and especially why we run into traps in our sends.

In our constant effort to streamline your workflow and empower you with the most accurate and actionable data, we are excited to share some of our top tips for staying out of the trap and into the inbox.

In this spam traps cheat sheet, we cover:

  • What types of spam traps you’ll see
  • What source is delivering information on that spam trap
  • What to do once you’ve hit a spam trap
  • And more

If you’re interested in learning more about spam traps, including how to avoid them, you can get access to the full cheat sheet by filling out the form!