Today’s Challenges

An ever increasing volume of email has prompted many ISPs and system administrators to employ various and more aggressive means to filter out unwanted messages. While their intentions are good, they often result in false positives (legitimate email being blocked or junked). There is a greater propensity for blocked email, especially if the messages are being delivered through a shared email gateway, or if a particular IP has been blacklisted or compromised.

PowerMTA™ allows you to segment a single server into an unlimited number of “VirtualMTAs” and provides several methods for segmenting and routing mail to the appropriate “VirtualMTA.” Each “Virtual MTA” may have its own IP address and delivery policy. Traditionally, all mail sent from a shared gateway or MTA (message transfer agent) is sent from the same host name and IP address. As a result, when ISPs and email administrators filter on the IP or domain of the gateway, the mailings of all customers or departments of a company relaying through the gateway become blocked as well. The solution is to segment your mail streams utilizing different IPs.

Another challenge for today’s marketers is the delivery environment. Since many organizations today do not yet use commercial grade MTAs, additional servers and hardware may be required to control larger volumes of email. Many of these servers tend not to be user friendly due to their lack of delivery policy controls and granular configuration settings. General purpose mail servers often support only one hostname/ip and a single mail queue. Below is an example of this type of set up. In this example, three servers are used to deliver email to the various ISPs. This added hardware dramatically increases costs to your business or organization. The financial cost of many open source mail servrs in a virtualized operating system many not be an issue, however it’s the operational costs, and overall manageability of such a setup that may be very high.