Email deliverability is one of the key areas of any email marketing operation, but it can be one that gets overlooked in favor of the more ‘creative’ aspects. Its importance can’t be overlooked, however, and it’s not just about emails landing in your subscriber’s inbox!

But where to start? It’s a complex area after all. Well, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow cheat sheet to help you create a healthy and robust email deliverability setup. By following it, you can ensure that:

  • You comply with the various, and stringent, legal requirements that protect consumer rights.
  • Your opt-in and unsubscribe processes are optimized.
  • Subscribers are kept engaged, and email lists are kept healthy and even growing.
  • Spam traps are avoided.
  • Your deliverability is following best practices with many more tips.

Download your cheat sheet today!