Did you know 15% of the population has some type of disability? Accessibility matters!

The World Health Organization reports that 15% of the population has a disability. This means a sizable segment of your database might not be able to read your emails if they aren’t accessible. While email marketers know that accessibility is important, we’re often swamped with so many priorities, so tasks like building accessibility into emails can fall from the list.

But what if you could create repeatable and scalable processes to make your email production better, while also ensuring accessibility is built in?

Tune into this installment of our famous Send It School series led by email experts Elliot Ross and Avi Goldman. This classroom-style webinar is full of email accessibility tips, including:

  • The opportunities and hurdles when it comes to accessibility
  • How to improve email accessibility in your strategy, design, copy & code
  • How an Email Design System helps you improve accessibility at scale
  • Making the case to your organization on why changes are needed