Email Authentication: Ready for Takeoff

In this SparkPost Send It School course in partnership with our friends at dmarcian, we’ll explain what acronyms like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI all mean and details on how they each uniquely solve some of the issues facing senders today. You will leave with practical knowledge to help you work with your IT teams on a proper authentication strategy. In this 60-minute course, we will also cover:

  • What email authentication is and why it’s critical
  • How mailbox providers are requiring greater levels of authentication to protect recipients and moving toward a “no authentication, no inbox” standard
  • Different types of email authentication and the role of each in helping you to reach the inbox and prevent brand reputation issues like spoofing

Your Co-Pilots:

Alwin De Bruin
Deployment Consultant, dmarcian

dmarcian’s Netherlands-based deployment consultant Alwin de Bruin has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the email ecosystem. At dmarcian, he is responsible for helping organizations of all sizes deploy DMARC and boost the adoption of open standards related to email and domain security. A recognized and respected cybersecurity expert, Alwin is called upon to speak at industry events and conduct trainings to help organizations secure their domains and make email and the Internet more trustworthy.

George Schlossnagle
Chief Evangelist, SparkPost

George brings a unique perspective — and deep passion — to the world of digital messaging that drives not only the continued success of SparkPost and its clients but also the future of the email industry. As a top-notch technologist in his own right, George has a dynamic vision for how technology can be harnessed to advance email for the benefit of all stakeholders and enhance the customer’s ultimate experience.