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Getting emails to the inbox is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Delivering email reliably, securely, and quickly is table stakes for all senders. But the most successful senders know that delivering email is only a part of the puzzle. Sending an email that ultimately lands in the spam folder is worse than never sending an email at all.

Take control of your sending. The SparkPost Sending and Deliverability Analytics Package* brings together the must-have delivery and deliverability data that every sender needs to optimize email performance.

  • Say Goodbye to Guesswork – SparkPost reaches beyond email delivery with unmatched insight into inbox placement, engagement, and deliverability.

  • Deliver On Time and at Scale – Whether you want to send a hundred or a billion, deliver emails in less than 2 seconds in transit and with 99.99% uptime SLA.

  • Save Time – When critical emails don’t hit the inbox, your team spends valuable time troubleshooting. Leverage data from millions of emails in real time to solve problems quickly.

  • Automate Inbox Tracking – Find out if your emails are going to the inbox or spam folder with no coding or manual effort from your team.

  • Get Ahead of Potential Issues – Reduce negative impacts on sending with predictive analytics, instant alerts on blocklistings, and customized remediation steps.

  • Put Industry Experts to Work For You – Our team proactively works with ISP and inbox providers to resolve issues and ensure your emails get delivered.


*Enjoy free Deliverability Analytics for one year with purchase of a SparkPost Cloud Sending plan over 30M emails per month. Offer only available to new Sending customers.

Sparkpost a MessageBird company

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