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Meeting Service Providers’ Demanding Email Delivery Needs

Software as a service? It’s a done deal. Service providers are the backbone of today’s cloud economy. That’s why we developed SparkPost for Service Providers to meet the strategic and operational needs of these modern businesses.

Combined with our Premium or Enterprise service levels, SparkPost for Service Providers is a comprehensive service offering that includes burst capacity and uptime guarantees; a dedicated Technical Account Manager; full-service deliverability and ISP relationship management; and key features such as subaccounts, provisioning automation, and compliance tools.

Start Investing in Growth, Not Infrastructure

Service providers know email is integral to the value they deliver. It’s what drives customer engagement and growth, and it’s key to functional capabilities like notifications and workflow.

But retaining internal responsibility for email infrastructure and delivery offers service providers little strategic advantage. Instead, operating end-to-end email delivery remains a resource-intensive function, with demanding human and infrastructural costs.

In fact, independent research shows sending email from on-premises infrastructure costs service providers 25% more than cloud email delivery. In absolute terms, cloud email delivery will save a service provider $100,000 annually for every 1 billion messages sent (Relevancy Group, 2017). Consider the technical and business burdens of maintaining in-house email infrastructure:

  • The costs and depreciation of email infrastructure are significant, and a drag on business flexibility and the bottom line.
  • Email generation and delivery is expensive to scale and requires constant monitoring and maintenance by dedicated staff.
  • Inbox placement is crucial, but deliverability professionals are scarce, expensive, and hard to hire.
  • Scaling on-premises hardware for seasonal and other regular peak delivery is expensive and requires wasted, idle capacity.
  • Internal email infrastructure deployment is slow and cannot scale on demand to meet unanticipated bursts in volume or to provide for rapid growth.
  • Provisioning new email infrastructure slows the onboarding of new customers and delays time to revenue.
  • Maintaining email infrastructure is a distraction from core competencies and strategic differentiators.

Costs like these make clear why the fastest-growing service providers have turned instead to SparkPost’s cloud solution for service providers. We developed SparkPost for Service Providers to help service providers invest in growth and competitive differentiation, not infrastructure.

SparkPost for Service Providers Includes Key Benefits

These challenges are why we built SparkPost for Service Providers, a solution specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of this market. Leading service providers already are achieving growth and strategic benefit from the cloud and SparkPost’s email delivery service. And they’re delivering more for their customers.

Consider the advantages SparkPost for Service Providers offers over less-capable alternatives:

  • Unmatched reliability and scalability backed by our Enterprise SLA. Uptime and peak capacity are mission critical for service providers. The scalable infrastructure of SparkPost for Service Providers is unmatched by any other technology, on-premises or in the cloud. With SparkPost as a partner, service providers can rely on the industry’s best service-level guarantees, backed by SLAs with teeth.
  • Proactive support with a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). No one understands the value of dedicated, full-service support better than service providers themselves. Only SparkPost for Service Providers gives a named and dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to facilitate onboarding, configuration, and ongoing service management. TAMs are a key resource to help service providers maximize the value of email delivery—and they are dedicated to service providers’ success.
  • Proven inbox performance and full-service deliverability management. Senders around the world rely on SparkPost’s industry-leading deliverability and inbox placement. Service providers understand how complex and time-consuming mediating global ISP relationships can be. SparkPost eases this burden with full-service deliverability management and the automation of our Adaptive Email Network. Whether completely managing deliverability on service providers’ behalf or in consultation with in-house deliverability staff, SparkPost’s deeply experienced professionals are a key asset to help service providers maximize their success.
  • Faster onboarding and provisioning with fewer compliance risks. For service providers, efficient onboarding, provisioning, and compliance intervention are key to customer satisfaction, faster time to revenue, and reduced operational risk. SparkPost’s automation features, subaccounts capabilities, and compliance tools make it easy for service providers to deliver a great customer experience with less manual overhead—and to protect their overall performance and sending reputation.

SparkPost Is the Most Trusted Name in Email Delivery

Service providers know and trust SparkPost—and our decade of experience building the world’s best-performing email infrastructure. Our Momentum MTA already underpins the operations of the world’s highest volume email senders and ESPs. Now, SparkPost for Service Providers delivers that unmatched performance with the operational flexibility, strategic advantage, and bottom-line benefits of the cloud.

But more than technology, our business is aligned with that of other service providers. SparkPost builds infrastructure to power service providers’ success, and email delivery is what we do—period. We’re not pushing half-baked marketing applications in the hope of competing with our friends. Supporting our customers’ and partners’ growth is the bedrock of our business.

SparkPost for Service Providers allow service providers to invest in the unique value they provide to customers. These aren’t just empty promises. Research shows service providers and their customers together realize $3 million in upside annually for every billion messages moved to the cloud (Relevancy Group, 2017).

Isn’t it time you started investing in growth—not infrastructure? Contact us today and learn how SparkPost for Service Providers delivers more, so service providers can do more.

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